Monday, July 12, 2010

10 Things from the Last 10 Days

1.  I was wrong about summer.  It's just as busy as any other time of the year.

2.  Aaron started summer hockey camp last Monday.  I was a smidgen concerned it might be over-kill considering he just finished inline 2 weeks ago, but the little guy was pumped to get on the ice.  Maybe it's the new skates?!

3.  Ava's got her own important schedule as well.  Swimming lessons began on Tuesday.  From what I gather, getting the kids to successfully dunk their heads under water without fear or hesitation is the main focus of the 'Sea Turtle' class.

Sounds advanced.

Maybe I  should have signed up too.....

(Yea, she's crazy like that.  Shera, Princess of Power!)

4.  Lessons have been going so well we decided to reward the kids with a night at the movies.  In hind sight, maybe a bad idea...

Warning to all parents:

Toy Story 3.

Great movie, however.....

During the movie, Ava broke into tears as the toys were seemingly coming to their (SPOILER ALERT) fire-y demise, stating 'I wanna go home and play with my toys!'?!

She also commented, in a mildly uneasy manner, on 'Big Baby' looking oddly similar to her own baby.....


Aaron kept us company in bed that same evening (the first in a long time) due to fear of the crazy-eyed, cymbal-bashing monkey.

'Do I frighten you?'

5.  It was my eldest neph-y poo, David Jr.'s 2nd birthday last week, as well as my niece Nevada's 8th.
Happy Birthday kiddos!

Nevada & Me, Kananaskis.  Luvs her :)

Baby Davey Jr.!

6.  James and I finally watched the season finale of LOST.
You Should Know- I'm ashamed to call myself a fan having waited this long to watch the last episode.
Bad fan!  Very bad fan!!

It was sad.  I was sad.
James was equally depressed,
stating he was not sure he'd be able to attend work on Monday.

RIP Jack Shephard.

7.  I received my Stella & Dot Soiree Earrings this week and they were just as lovely as a I had imagined...

8.  We attended James' 10 year high school reunion.
Which made me wish I had attended my own reunion.
Which actually was cancelled due to lack of interest from a large number of my former classmates, including me (guilty),
......Which had me super relieved at the time.

I'm glad he/we went.  No one likes regrets :)

9.  Cray fishing is fun.
Until you fall in.
Just ask Aaron.

10.  I've been stumped as to what to blog about these last almost two weeks.
I assumed nothing all that interesting had gone on.

I think maybe I was wrong.     


KOosterveld said...

well i must say I was missing your blog post and im glad to see a new one! and also it sounds like you have a lot of fun going on! miss you guys and keep having fun!

Anonymous said...

Um, that's the doll I gave her! Yikes. Thanks for the warning about TS3. Haven't gone to see it yet but want to.

Nice plumbing tips. Handy.


Raquel said...

Hey, I aim to please :)

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