Thursday, July 22, 2010

It would appear summer decided to show her face again and finally bless us with some decently hot weather.

Maybe, just maybe,
we'll make it out to the lake sometime soon so we can really get to enjoy the heat.

A few important things from last week...

First, it was my niece Georgia and my mom's birthdays last week.

I come from a large family and married into a large family,
so you'll notice birthdays seem to pop-up nearly every week.

Birthday girly Georgia :)

Happy Birthday Mom (Grandma & Ava)!!

 And second.

I modeled last week.

And got paid for it.

James says that makes me a legitimate model.

I love how he humors me.
Take a sneak peek at the photos here.

Ava finished with her swimming lessons last week.

She'll be re-doing Sea Turtle.
....Until she can confidently fully dunk that little head of hers under water.

Aaron started his swim lessons this past Tuesday.

He said it was the best day of his life.

He says that a lot.

FYI- Last Friday was the worst day of his life no thanks to a stubbed and broken toenail.

I think I might start judging my days by best and worst ever...
It seems to make for good dramatic effect.

Took the kids to see Despicable Me.

I loved it.

Oh, and so did they.

It was our first time seeing a 3D movie.
Way cool.

Ava kept yelling 'It's BIG, it's BIG!!'.

I think that was her way of saying,

'holy moly, it's jumping out at me'.

I also went to see Inception on Tuesday.

With my brother Dustin, not the kids.

A real head scratcher that one.
I hate when they leave the ending up to your own deciphering.....

Can't you just tell me how it is?!

It was good though.
Real good.

And in closing...

Yesterday, I made Banana Cupcakes with Cream Cheese frosting.

Cupcakes make me smile :)


Erin said...

OK, so the coincidences keep a comin....Georgia is in Owen's class at St. T's! She is so gorgeous! She likes to hug me a lot and Owen and her have exchanged many a handwritten card and picture. So cute!

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