Monday, July 26, 2010

Now this is exciting.

Yesterday, we bought a DV cord.

'What does a DV cord do', you might ask?

My friends, I will tell you.

It'll take our many dozens of DV tapes 'Home Videos', and allow me to transfer them to our computer.
Therefor allowing us to also transfer them to DVD.

Guess, what I'll be doing all week.

Yep, you got it.

Taking an electronic trip down memory lane.

I'm a sucker for nostalgia.

I for warn my children, we will be partaking in home movie nights.

Oh yes-- we will.

Popcorn included.

This weekend also involved:

A trip to the spray park.
+28, FINALLY!!

James saving a little girl from flying away.
Or throwing her away............ I'm not sure?

Ava & Avery taking their dads for a drive to McDonald's.

And bike rides.  Lots and lots of bike rides.


KOosterveld said...

looks like you had a GREAT weekend!

PKuck said...

Looks like the two Dads had a great trip to McDonalds & well that's my son-in-law, not only Mr.FixIt but saving fly away citizens as well. All this in a "day-in-the-life-of" our million dollar family. PKuck

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